Sentence Examples

  • Wrapping connectors for communicating reciprocating motion have usually their ends made fast to the pulleys or drums which they connect, and which in this case may be sectors.
  • Transmitted by wrapping connectors to FG, and combined by that sheave so as to act on the fol w lower W, whose motion is the same with that of the centre of FG.
  • Wrapping connectors for communicating continuous motion are endless.
  • Parallel shafts may be driven by flexible bands or connectors passing over pulleys, the central planes of which coincide, without any guiding arrangements for the belting.
  • The effect is most easily shown by connecting a voltaic cell to a thermopile for a short interval, then quickly (by means of a suitable key, such as a Pohl commutator with the cross connectors removed) disconnecting the pile from the cell and connecting it to a galvanometer, which will indicate a current in the reverse direction through the pile, and approximately proportional to the original current in intensity, provided that the other conditions of the experiment are constant.