Sentence Examples

  • On the 10th of April 1848, a day famous in the history of Chartism, Ruskin was married at Perth to Euphemia Chalmers Gray, a lady of great beauty, of a family long intimate with the Ruskins.
  • In his prophetic capacity he published two remarkable books: Chartism (1829), enlarged from an article which Lockhart, though personally approving, was afraid to take for the Quarterly; and Past and Present (1843), in which the recently published Mediaeval Chronicle was taken as a text for the exposure of modern evils.
  • Chartism begins with a fierce attack upon the laissez faire theory, which showed blindness to this necessity.
  • Their preparations excited general alarm, and on the invitation Chartism of the government no less than 170,000 special constables were sworn in to protect life and property against a rabble.

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