Sentence Examples

  • After much back and forth banter about how Brody believed he could be friends with any one he chooses, he basically replied with a "Bro, puh-lease," effectively ending their friendship.
  • When Conan complains at being called "bro" by the voice, the resulting "Oh, Bro a No-No for Co-co?" became the headline for blogs and entertainment news sites covering the segment.
  • Eliminations occur in a hottub, which raises the embarrassment level when the cut bro must be eliminated in some humiliating way.
  • The second event is the "Bro Your Boat" challenge where two teams float across a pool on a blow-up doll that they have to dress.
  • The guys get roused from their sleep in the middle of the night by some brutes and are taken to meet Brody at the "Bro Mansion".