Sentence Examples

  • She owned every designer on the planet and made Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City look like an amateur.
  • At the Restoration his body was exhumed, and on the 30th of January 1661, the anniversary of the execution of Charles I., it was drawn on a sledge from Holborn to Tyburn, together with the bodies of Ireton and Bradshaw, accompanied by "the universal outcry and curses of the people."
  • Bradshaw (3 vols., 1892) and Mr C. Strachey (2 vols., 1901).
  • In France, at Embrun, Peter de Bruys founded a sect known as Petrobrusians, who denied infant baptism, the need of consecrated churches, transubstantiation, 2 Bradshaw, in Transactions of Cambridge Antiquarian Society (1842).
  • Bradshaw, Bibliographer (1882-1881), i.