Sentence Examples

  • Also in the fifties, Bradbury published Dandelion Wine (1957), a novel that is neither science fiction, fantasy nor mystery, but simply a strangely beautiful remembrance of life in a small Illinois town.
  • The Martian Chronicles (1950) are considered by Bradbury to not be science fiction at all, but rather fantasy, since the tales of settlers colonizing Mars were impossible by the science of the day.
  • While Ray Bradbury is considered one of the authors of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, it's not completely clear that what he writes is science fiction at all.
  • In the 'fifties, Ray Bradbury published two novels and four collections of short stories that cemented his position in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.
  • For most of his career, Bradbury produced very few novels; Farenheit 451 being a notable early exception.