Sentence Examples

  • These duties vary in different parts of the empire: in the vilayets of Constantinople, Bagdad and Adrianople, and in the sanjaks of Bigha and Tchataljatheday'sworkis calculated at 5 piastres (about 11d.); in the vilayets of Aleppo, Trebizond, Angora, lannina, Konia, Sivas and Kastamuni at 4 piastres (about 9d.); and in most other parts of the empire at 3 piastres (about 7d.).
  • 200 per bigha, or 20 per acre, and sometimes double that figure.
  • The most celebrated streams of the Troad are the Granicus (Bigha Chai) and the Scamander (Menderes Su), both rising in Mt.
  • Anatolia 1 Archipelago, 2 Bigha, 3 Brusa, 4 Aidin (Smyrna) 5 Ismid, 6 Kastamuni, 7 Angora.

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