Sentence Examples

  • By the river Beas, on the N.E.
  • The banks of the Beas are high, and on this side of the district well-water is not found except at 50 ft.
  • Then the Hyphasis (Beas) was reached, and here the Macedonian army refused to go any farther.
  • He had transferred much territory to chiefs and confederacies devoted to his cause; every petty court had its Greek faction; and the detachments which he left behind at various positions, from the Afghan frontier to the Beas, and from near the base of the Himalaya to the Sind delta, were visible pledges of his return.
  • He tried to tempt the wearied Greeks on the banks of the Beas with schemes of conquest in the rich south-eastern provinces; but, having personally offended their leader, he had to fly the camp (326 B.C.).

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