Sentence Examples

  • February 24, 2005 at 199 AUD and 249 NZD respectively.
  • Collated and the great pains taken to ensure textual accuracy on the part of the different editors, among whom may be mentioned Mommsen aud Lappenberg.
  • About the year of the battle of Hastings was born Ari Fr061 Thorgilsson (1067-1148), one of the blood of Queen Aud, who founded the famous historical school of Iceland, and himself produced its greatest monument in a work which can be compared for value with the English Domesday Book.
  • (2) In 890-900 there came from the western Islands Queen Aud, widow of Olaf the White, king of Dublin, preceded and followed by a number of her kinsmen and relations (many like herself being Table of Icelandic Literature and History.