Sentence Examples

  • You would shop for these bras in the same size as your traditional one, but be aware that because you need a comfortable, allover fit, the cup size you normally buy may or may not correspond to a perfect fit overall.
  • What was once a small selection of girdles has evolved into an impressive selection of allover body shapers, smoothing tank tops, slimming slips, thigh shapers, firming panties, supportive pantyhose and much more.
  • While you may to long to be a blonde, choosing a hair color that is the right shade of blonde and considering whether or not you opt for allover color or just highlights will need to be considered.
  • Moreover, because this tankini is lined in red piping, as opposed to allover coloring, it's an understated, and elegantly restrained look that still carries the panache of an eye-catching red.
  • Blackout Ceramic Watch: Known for taking risks with color and form, Michael Kors gave this watch an allover black appearance from ceramic strap to dial to a sprinkling of dark pave crystals.

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