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Another word for offensive

  1. Extremely unpleasant to the senses or feelings

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Another word for offensive

Synonym Study

  • Abominable is applied to that which is execrably offensive or loathsome
  • That is abhorrent which is regarded with extreme repugnance or disgust
  • That is repugnant which is so distasteful or offensive that one offers strong resistance to it
  • Obnoxious is applied to that which is very objectionable to one and causes great annoyance or discomfort by its presence
  • Detestable refers to that which arouses vehement dislike or antipathy
  • Odious stresses a disagreeable or offensive quality in that which is hateful
  • Hateful is applied to that which provokes extreme dislike or aversion
  • offensive, the most neutral and mildest of the words treated here, refers to that which evokes dislike or aversion