Sentence Examples

  • As long as there are video games that skyrocket to success (cough, Halo, cough), there will be Hollywood big-wigs buying up the rights in order to screw things up and disappoint moviegoers.
  • Early in his career, Dane Cook took the leap from comedian to actor -- a gutsy move that helped skyrocket the livelihoods of fellow comedians Ray Romano, George Lopez and Denis Leary.
  • That's because the prices are already pretty high, and when you couple that fact with all of the potential add-ons, like makeup cases and the like, the costs can quickly skyrocket!
  • As the holidays where fireworks are traditionally used approaches, prices will skyrocket courtesy of a dramatic rise in demand and an accompanying decrease in supply.
  • Once a case goes to the courts, the amount owed to the injured party can skyrocket, as court costs and lawyer's fees are added onto the original damage total.