Sentence Examples

  • Naturally occurring moissanite crystals are too miniscule for use in jewelry, and it wasn't until a lab process was created to grow large, single crystals that moissanite became a practical choice for engagement rings and other adornments.
  • Keep in mind the size of your developing baby's internal organs; the miniscule amounts of pesticides and preservatives that are present in the foods you eat aren't so miniscule when compared to the tiny organs trying to process the toxins.
  • Makeover programs shows have people believing that this - the makeover and after effects - can happen to them too when in reality only a miniscule fraction of the country's population will actually qualify and participate.
  • Because moissanite is grown in a laboratory, it lacks natural flaws,such as mineral inclusions and crystal fractures, but it can contain miniscule white ribbons that occur during the crystal's growth.
  • Prongs: Modern jewelers are able to precisely fashion the tips of prongs into miniscule hearts that are a fun accent to an art deco ring design without overwhelming the ring's geometry.