Sentence Examples

  • Velrose Lingerie started up in 1914 in Philadelphia as a home business, and it was steady until the second World War, when a family member partner joined and freed up enough manpower to create more than a single style.
  • Large businesses and corporations often have customized forms designed specific to their needs, but smaller businesses may not have the manpower to dedicate to the creation of customized forms from scratch.
  • Heelys shoes replacement wheels are easy to work with, but they may take a little bit of getting used to since they're pressure fitted and do take a bit of manpower to get them switched out.
  • Sony, having invested significant manpower and resources in the project, decided to take what they had so far and create a full blown console of their own.
  • Too many scholars and managers spells out a society that is immersed in theorizing and commands, but lacks the manpower to carry out these initiatives.

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