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  • (1577-1626), but in 1622 Hesse-Homburg was cut off to form an apanage for George's youngest son, Frederick (d.
  • It henceforth shared the fortunes of this country, and was usually assigned as an apanage to younger members of the Bohemian royal house.
  • APPANAGE, or Apanage (a French word from the late Lat.
  • The word apanage is still employed in this sense in French official texts of some Customs; but it was in old public law that it received its definite meaning and importance.
  • As Gaston left only daughters, the viscounty passed at his death to the family of Foix, from whom it was transmitted through the houses of Grailly and Albret to the Bourbons, and they, in the person of Henry IV., king of Navarre, made it an apanage of the crown of France.

What's another word for apanage?

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