Sentence Examples

  • The jury quickly agreed on a verdict of not guilty, and the acquittal was greeted by the populace with shouts of triumph.
  • The new members of council disembarked at Calcutta on the 19th of October 1774; and on the following day commenced the long feud which scarcely terminated twentyone years later with the acquittal of Warren Hastings by the House of Lords.
  • Their acquittal by a jury was the first serious blow to the system adopted by the king.
  • Five of the other seven cases also ended in acquittal, one for want of jurisdiction,1 and one by the resignation of the official before the impeachment was preferred in the Senate.
  • His trial for high treason lasted for six days (17th to 22nd of November) and ended in his acquittal, the jury only taking eight minutes to settle their verdict.

What's another word for acquittal?

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